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Sport Trades
Invested: $200.00
Returned: 308%
Min Invest: $5
Max Invest: $25000
Referral: 8-5-3-2-1-0.5%
Withdrawal: Instant
Last Payout: Sep 24th, 2017
Added: Aug 9th, 2017
Monitored: 174 days
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Resources: AHM AM ARU P R ISP
Votes: 10.0 (4 votes)
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pm payeer bitcoin
Investment Plans: 2% per day Deposit, 2,5% per day Deposit, 3% per day Deposit and more...
Sport Trades Description:
SPORT TRADES LIMITED company was registered in Great Britain on January 7, 2014, the registration number is 08834696. For several years, Sport Trades Ltd. specializes in the market of sports betting, by means of arbitrative situations between bookmakers` offices. Long-term work of the companys sports traders showed the success and profitability of this strategy, which allows Sport Trades Ltd. to receive a constant profit on a long-term basis.. In 2017, a decision is made to launch an online platform, with the help of which the company plans to attract funds from private investors. After 3 years of successful autonomous work, the company carries out the next stage of development, which will allow increasing the investment fund, thereby bringing a mutually profitable benefit both to the company and its investors. Sport Trades Ltd. does not make other types of sports betting, except for arbitration situations (surebets). It does not reinvest or hold funds in other investment funds and does not engage in any other activity other than sports arbitration. The company distributes more than 85% of daily profit between its investors, for the period of turnover of investors funds in the system. Platform gives an opportunity to independently make a profit from sports arbitration, using data on surebets, which each partner of our company receives in his personal account after registration. Or he can transfer his funds to professional sports traders and receive daily profits from the invested amount. Today, our current weekly turnover is more than 170,000 US dollars, the net daily profit is 5 to 10% of the turnover. The team consists of two senior experts, six constantly traded specialists and remotely operating traders, whose number will increase as the companys investment fund grows.. In our work we use various widely available tools, such as surebets scanners (,,,, And others), and scanners that are closed for general use. We often use them to work with PreMatch Surebets. We also use our own software development, including various automation tools that allow you to bet automatically.. We are proud of our own developed strategy, which allows our specialists to work with live surebets without any scanners. This method increases the bet limits ten times, the speed of work increases, profitability grows, and most importantly, we avoid all those shortcomings that don`t let many traders engaged in sports arbitrage (not large bet limits, cutting limits, account blocking, etc.) to work. We created a team of experts, which opens up huge opportunities for the growth of the company and the well-being of our investors. We have unique groundwork that allows us to provide a proper level of profit to our partners, and the strategy of sports arbitration that we use in work is guaranteed to yield profit, without the risk of losing investors funds. The company SPORT TRADES LIMITED is a completely new approach to investing. Only our company will be able to provide you with reliable and long-term passive income. We work with more than 30 bookmakers` offices around the world.
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* Sep 24th, 2017 04:58 PM
Payment Received Very Good
* Aug 25th, 2017 06:52 PM
Paid to $34 and ranked 2017-8-25 %18:%52:%24, Thank you Admin! Very Good
* Aug 15th, 2017 10:48 PM
Paid to $40 and ranked 2017-8-15 %22:%48:%08, Thank you Admin! Very Good
* Aug 11th, 2017 09:56 PM
Paid to $500 and ranked 2017-8-11 %21:%56:%22, Thank you Admin! Very Good