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Program Details
Invested: $200.00
Returned: 355%
Min Invest: $10
Max Invest: $25,000
Referral: 5-2-1%
Withdrawal: Manual
Last Payout: 2017-01-28
Added: 2016-12-30
Monitored: 232 days
Support: Support E-Mail
Resources: AHM AM ARU H R ISP
Votes: 300.0 (35 votes)
Payment methods:
pm bitcoin
Investment Plans: 6% Daily on Business Days for 30 Days, 113% After 10 Calendar Days
OnePunchLTD Description:
OnePunchLTD Limited offers affordable earnings for anyone. A modern company, whose core business direction is closely related to computer technology and software, has been developing new methods and effective algorithms of crypto mining. For several years, OnePunchLTD Limited not only has managed to build a few large data centers in UK, but also to equip them with powerful bitcoin mining hardware that around the clock provides with stable earnings growth.

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